Buffy meme - 4/7 quotes

"You’re a hell of a woman."


Damon Porn + random gifs [2/?]


Jokes are half meant, right?

the way Sheldon walks into Amy while he is kissing her is just so sexy.

  • ugh when you see creepy Wentworth fans from twitter in real life
  • why does this happen to me?

Anonymous asked: Is there lots of sexual tension between the new governor and franky like erica had with her?


Completely different dynamic, (think clever, powerful cat, smartass mouse) although Franky briefly tries to flirt for shits and giggles.

But I do expect some peeps to be shipping the gov and vera by the end of the first ep. Hell, now I think of it, I’ll ship them.


*reblogs same scene giffed 10 different ways*